Metal roofing an excellent choice for your home.  It can keep you home cooler in the summer with it's reflective coating.  It is made from recycled material and it is more durable than shingles.  It is more resistant to hail, fire and wind damage than shingles.   The cost of a metal roof is very comparable to a shingle roof and has a 40 year warranty. For a free quote call 828-778-4275.

We serve Buncombe, Henderson, Polk and Rutherford Counties in WNC.

A metal roof can add value to your home and there are many colors to compliment your home's style.

While a metal roof is a low maintenance option, you need to be sure the job is done correctly.   Many roofers do not install a metal roof properly.  The most common issue is that the screws are put in the wrong place.   If the panels are fastened improperly, it immediately voids the warranty.   The screws belong in the flat area, between the ribs. When the screws are in the rib, some will be too tight and crush the rib.  This will draw water in.  When driving around, I see about 1 in 4 roofs done wrong.

Another common problem is flashing done incorrectly. Below are a few examples of bad work.







Flashing around the chimney is a frequent place that the roof leaks.  Many roofers caulk the flashing to the chimney but it needs to be bent and stuck into a cut groove in the masonry.




Here is some of our work.  A metal roof should be neat and clean.  

If you get a fair amount of snow, a snowguard is a good idea to protect your gutters.  Mark is installing a continuous snowguard here.

When choosing your roofer, be sure to check references and ask to see some of their work.  Your roof protects your biggest investment.  When we do your roof, the job will be completed  before any payment is required.  You should not be asked for any money in advance.  Please call me, Wally Hughes, for a free quote on your new roof.  828-778-4275. I am a licensed General Contractor #55611 and we carry Worker's Comp and Liability insurance.  Send me an email at and I'll send my list of references before you call.  Below are a few more pictures of our work.